Happily Ever After!

pit_iconSince the start of the Downtown Dogs Group in March of 2009, DDG has been involved with the rescue of more than 100 dogs and countless cats, most of whom have been adopted into loving, permanent homes.  We have provided many life-saving surgeries, heart-worm treatments, and other forms of physical and emotional rehab for dozens of animals in the area.

Our former foster dogs are now loving life – some with new local families, others found their happy ending in the Northeast, hiking in Vermont or swimming at the beaches on Cape Cod.  From our deaf hit and run Boy George, whose new mom is an expert in American Sign Language, to our 3-legged pit bull Dylan, who spends his days with his pit bull “twin” in Connecticut, we spend tremendous time and effort making sure our rescued dogs and cats find their perfect homes…and we never give up on any of these amazing creatures.

“Boy George”