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Please note:  at this time, all of our foster spots are full and we are unable to take in any
new dogs.  However, if you are willing to foster a dog you have found or wish to
surrender, we can provide vetting for the dog and post it for adoption.  You must agree
that you will foster the dog until it is adopted – there are no guarantees on how long
this might take.  Under no circumstances will we post a dog if there is any
possibility that the dog could be surrendered to Rabies Control if it does not
adopt out quickly.
If you have a stray you have found or otherwise need to surrender a dog,and you cannot
abide by the above stipulation regarding fostering, please contact one of the other great
local rescue groups; you should be able to get contact information from any local
If you wish to contact our group about any other matter please complete the following
contact form.  Thank you.


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