About Downtown Dogs


It started with Fred!

Fred had been living on the streets for at least a year. In March 2009 we were contacted when it became known that Rabies Control had been called to pick him up. Several people were familiar with Fred and some had been feeding him for quite some time, and these people were concerned about what Fred’s fate might be.  As Rabies Control here is a high-kill shelter, there was not much doubt that a fearful stray dog would have been deemed “unadoptable” and therefore euthanized.

This started the collaboration between Michelle, Emily, Cara and other interested parties.  We  worked together to set a trap and were able to capture Fred and adopt him out locally.  That’s when it all started! Before long, the Downtown Dogs Group was officially formed.

Downtown Dogs Group is a no-kill rescue group dedicated to the stray dogs and cats of Jackson, Tennessee – providing them with spaying/neutering, immunizations and vet care – and ultimately finding kind and loving homes for them. Many are dogs who are deemed “unadoptable” for reasons such as age, health, breed or temperament; but we are dedicated to working with each one and giving them the chance they deserve.

Many of the dogs and cats we have rescued were found on the streets of downtown Jackson, Tennessee; hence our group’s name!  However, we rescue dogs all over West Tennessee, mainly in rural areas, and have even helped animals in need from other states. Like many southern rescue groups, we adopt dogs out both locally and in the northeast.  Legislation in that part of the country has cut down on the number of stray dogs and thus many northern adopters seek to adopt a rescue dog from the south.  We hope that one day the south will enact more legislation to protect and assist companion animals.

Our dogs are posted for adoption on the internet on Adopt-a-Pet and Petfinder or through one of our partner rescues’ websites.  Those not adopted locally are transported to their new homes via one of the fantastic rescue transports in the area, such as All Paws and Got Orphans. 


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